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Top 10 Best Electric Kettles in 2022 to Complete Your Kitchen

What kitchen is complete without a kettle? Explore our top 10 electric kettles of 2022, showcasing a range of styles, shapes and sizes that are perfect for any kitchen. A must-have for everyday life – especially if you’re a tea-loving Brit – the humble kettle is a key essential for starting your day right.

There’s more to a great kettle than boiling water though, and we’ve compiled a list of our favourite everyday kettles – including glass kettles, stainless steel tea kettles and stylish retro kettles. Here are our top 10 kettles for your kitchen.

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Black Russell Hobbs kettle

1. Russell Hobbs 24361 Inspire Electric Fast Boil Kettle, 3000 W, 1.7 Litre, Black with Chrome Accents

Featuring a textured plastic build with stainless steel accents, this electric kettle is sure to add a touch of class to your kitchen.  It has an impressive 1.7L capacity and is quick to boil, so it’s perfect for a coffee morning or a catch-up over a brew – and because it has an easily removable lid with a wide opening, you can top up the water without spilling.  You can even find a matching toaster, for a truly impressive kettle and toaster set.

  • Quick boil time
  • Easy to remove the lid
  • 360° cordless base
  • Stylish modern design
  • The shiny handle can be slippy
Ex-Pro stainless steel kettle

2. Ex-Pro Electric Kettle, 1 Litre with Quick Boil Time, Boil-Dry Protection and Removable Filter – Stainless Steel

Here’s a little kettle that packs a big punch! The 1L Ex-Pro kettle is small enough for a few cups, which would make it perfect for taking with you on holiday or to go camping, and its lightweight design and the hinged lid would be ideal for someone with arthritis. The concealed heating element minimises limescale build-up so it’s easy to clean, and its removable filter provides fresher water to ensure a great taste in your hot drinks. 

  • In-build water filter
  • Concealed heating element
  • Compact, ideal for travel
  • Hinged lid
  • On the smaller size
Black Salter electric kettle

3. Salter EK2649RG 1.7L Pyramid Kettle, 3000W, 360 ° Swivel Base – Black/Rose Gold

The Salter pyramid kettle instantly wows with its stunning, elegant rose-gold accents, containing perfectly against its matte black body. The unusual design is certainly eye-catching, but this kettle does not only boast its looks – it features a large 1.7L capacity and is quick to boil. The rounded handle is comfortable to hold, however, it can be a little difficult to manoeuvre due to its shape, but the spout makes up for that with an excellent pour.

  • Elegant design
  • Quick to boil
  • Pours well
  • Unwieldy due to shape
  • Quite loud when boiling
Andrew James water kettle

4. Andrew James 3000W Apollo Fast Boil Kettle with Cordless 1.7L Jug Kettle and 360˚ Swivel Base (Black)

Straight out of the box this Andrew James kettle looks sleek and modern, and the thick handle provides a comfortable grip. It remains lightweight when filled, and the hinged lid lets you easily fill the kettle when needed. The pour is excellent with no spillages, and it doesn’t feel too hot to the touch, thanks to its double-walled design.

  • Excellent pour
  • Thick, easy-to-hold handle
  • Lightweight
  • Double-walled design
  • Quite noisy when boiling
Morphy Richards stainless steel kettle

5. Morphy Richards 102786 Brushed Equip Stainless Steel Jug Kettle, 3000 W, 1.7 Litre, Brushed

This shiny stainless steel kettle from Morphy Richards is simple yet stylish, and it’s also available in black, red and white – though we quite like this one. The base features a cord tidy despite being on the slimmer side, which is handy if you take it with you when you travel. It boils super quick, and the included limescale filter keeps the water tasting fresh.

  • Limescale filter included
  • 360° base with cord tidy
  • Fast to boil
  • Quite loud when it boils
VonShef electric stainless steel kettle

6. VonShef Electric Stainless Steel Kettle 1.7L with Fast Boil Time, Removable & Reusable Filter

This VonShef stainless steel kettle is simple and elegant in its design, with an appealing slim and tall design. It features a limescale filter to keep the water clean, and its easy-grip handle and lightweight design are easy to lift. One of the few gripes we have is the narrow water spout, which makes it slow to pour and results in a little spillage.

  • Lightweight
  • Quiet
  • Quick to boil
  • Small leakage when pouring
  • Narrow spout pours slow
Bosch Village Cordless Kettle

7. Bosch Village TWK76075GB Cordless Kettle, 1.7 Litres, 3000 W – Cream

The Bosch Village kettle boils fast and its easy-pour spout lets you fill your mug without spills. This kettle features both a filter and concealed heating element to help reduce the build-up of limescale, and it also includes cord storage in the base so you can neatly put it away if needed. Unfortunately, the chunky design may not be to everyone’s tastes, but it certainly does leave an impression.

  • Neatly pours
  • Limescale filter
  • Easy to open lid
  • Noisy
  • Chunky design
ANSIO Electric Kettle

8. ANSIO Electric 3000W 1.7L Cordless Stainless Steel Kettle, Boil Dry Protection & Auto Shut Off – Silver

With a simple yet modern design, the ANSIO kettle features an illuminated water level window that stands out from other similar models. It’s nice and lightweight despite its 1.7L capacity and features a limescale filter for fresh water. We have noticed that it takes more water than usual to need the minimum water level, so you will need to fill a little extra if you only want one cup.

  • Compact
  • Removable filter
  • Lightweight
  • Quite loud
  • Gets hot to the touch
  • A large base means more water is needed to meet min level
Aigostar Small Electric Kettle

9. Aigostar 1L Electric Glass Tea Kettle Fast Quiet Boil, 2200W – Elfin 30A0Q

This stunning glass kettle Aigostar is another that is small but mighty, which quickly comes to a boil despite its compact size. Its blue LED illumination looks particularly good on an evening for that final cuppa before bedtime, standing out in all the best ways, It’s not the best pour as we noticed some spillage, and there is no limescale filter – as this is a glass kettle, it’s easier to see the water so a little less forgiving.

  • Compact design
  • Stylish glass design
  • Beautiful blue LED illumination
  • Not the best pour
  • No limescale filter
The Funky Appliance Company, retro Kettle

10. The Funky Appliance Company, 1.7 Litre 3KW Fast And Quiet Boil, Removable Washable Limescale Filter, Rose Gold

This gorgeous rose gold kettle from The Funky Appliance Company is like no other. It features a limescale filter, fast boil time and swivel base, but its main feature is how good it will look in your home.  A tad on the more expensive side, however, they do have a matching toaster available for the perfect focal point in your kitchen.

  • Fast boil time
  • Stunning retro design
  • Matching toaster available
  • More expensive than others
  • Noisy

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